Feather pillows Stores

Feather pillows Stores

Feather pillows stores. Where to buy feather pillows in bulk at the store? Long-distance wholesale Ukraine. Shops feather pillows Ukraine. Feather pillows, and orthopedic pillows online stores

Shopping Site 7kilometr.com sell 10%, 30%, 90% of long-distance polupuhovye pillows and feather pillows and down duvets, polupuhovye blankets, feather duvets and featherbeds. Filling of products used duck and goose feather.
 Our stores sell pads of all standards. To fill them used three to five centimeters pen, down-feather structure and clean down, which allows air circulation and termoobmena-hour night sleep. Napernik product made from 100% cotton. On the basis of medical research, doctors recommend that people with low blood pressure to rest on the down-feather pillows (which provide low location of the head and blood flow during sleep), at the time as people with inflated pressure recommended doze on feather pillows, they guarantee a high position in the head sleep period.
 Environmentally friendly, certified products are goose down. Of down and feather products in our shops are considered environmentally friendly products. In the manufacturing process uses advanced technology that allows us to create high-quality products from the down and feathers. Pillows and blankets to contain only ludshe raw materials, past tchatelnuyu processing. Manufacture of raw materials is performed on new technologies and ozonation ionizirovaniya of down and feather blend, which save around a medium and allowed to extract high-quality raw materials.

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