Swimwear large sizes

Swimwear large sizes

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How can I find an ideal sitting swimsuit if you have - small breasts, or vice versa - big breasts, boyish figure, there is a belly, heavy thighs or wide waist? Well-chosen styles and colors to help translate the features of the figure in its dignity!

Small breasts

Leotard, sealed cups - one of the simplest solutions to problems. But note that on the beach it may be too hot because of the density of tissue.

Gently lift the chest and visually enlarge it will also help the private bra with short and wide or with wide-set straps.

Characterised by the color of top and bottom, both in open and closed in a bathing suit, creating an emphasis on the top of the figure, especially if the top of a lighter or a different image, such as transverse stripes. You will also flatter swimwear strapless bra with ruffles, pleats and trim.

Discard the whole plain swimsuits without finishing.

Heavy hips

Compared with wide hips and narrow shoulders, small breasts seem even smaller. Need to visually narrow the gap between the upper and lower halves of the body. To do this, choose things that will slim your lower body. The upper part of the swimsuit should be bright in color and pattern, while the bottom - smooth or with vertical details.

In addition, full hips very well looked swimsuits with a skirt. Do not think that the skirts look like a child. Today, designers offer for all ages set in an elegant and feminine models of swimsuits.

Another solution - square neckline top. This cut makes the shoulders wider, balancing the overall proportion.

Beware emphasize the waist - do not choose a swimsuit with a belt. Avoid light fabrics and cross the figure below, panties, shorts and a bikini too narrow.

Big breasts

For very large breasts is your goal - not so much hide-esteem, how to provide good breast support. This can be achieved by selecting a swimsuit covers well the chest, preferably with cups (or bones) and wide straps.

But if large breasts vac narrowish hip, it's best to balance the proportions of the figure with a leotard. To do this, choose a swimsuit made of dark smooth fabric at the top of the leotard and light with a picture - at the bottom. Avoid thin stiff fabrics and light colors on top of the leotard.

If you have large breasts at a sufficiently short, then you do not fit swimsuit with a plunging neckline at the back, as well as bathing suits, adorned with ruffles and a picture at the top.

You flatter swimsuit with straps in a loop, but, unfortunately, these straps are too poorly supported breasts, so are not suitable for breast more third the size.

Protruding belly

When projecting a tummy you need a swimsuit with an insert-or drapery seams, details. Fit and deep narrow notch. If you have a hanging tummy, choose a light base with vertical stripes or seams. Bathing suit and with a strict geometric pattern on the sides.

Few inches of your volumes will help hide the swimsuits, Waist stomach, and with a high content of lycra. Do not buy bathing suits of shiny fabrics, which will shine it on the protruding areas, and hence visually enlarge the stomach. Buy only the dull swimsuits.

Broad waist

With a wide waist is very well suited swimsuits in a classic, pretty style closed without a picture or a small floral pattern. Hint at the waist or a simple horizontal strip at the waist visually reduce it, even if the white. If you can not boast of a wasp-waisted, choose a swimsuit with vertical or diagonal pattern or clear geometricheskimi details on the sides. This style also visually increases the chest and reduces the thighs. Desirable high content of lycra in the fabric. Do not be afraid to also show a little more body - the deep-cut bathing suits look very feminine.

Give up too closed swimsuits dark colors - you feel that you are hudyat, but actually a lot of solid colors is better to dilute. Should choose a swimsuit with a smaller, more asymmetrical pattern or a swimsuit, with two separate parts. Discard the swimsuits and bikinis with young panties or panties with over or under the waist.

Boyish figure

This figure ploskovataya ideal for models. But without the express hips and chest you'll look too much like a boy. Therefore, buy things that will make your figure more feminine. Best create a "bend" in the right places shiny fabrics and fabrics with lurex, vibrant colors and designs, neckline and daring bikinis, and bathing suits, emphasizing the waist with the help of various items or drawing.

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