How to choose the right shoes for your child

How to choose the right shoes for your child

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Buy baby shoes should be with the baby. 5-10 minutes a child should trample it and decide itself, it is convenient to him or not. "Distance" often end up buying an exchange or surrender of shoes. Before you buy your child shoes, it is necessary to determine not only the size. 

Choose the most healthy and durable material - genuine leather. It provides good air circulation, moisture evaporates quickly, to the same skin is plastic and bends well. Between his toe and finger of the child should be 1-1.5 cm interval This layer of air will warm foot baby. Shoes butt baby can not buy. Small tubercle at the inner edge of the sole - a requirement for children's shoes. In other words, this is called an anatomical insole. Without it, can develop flat feet, reduced the rise of the foot, have to go to the doctors. The sole should not be flat. Do any children's shoes should be a small heel. It helps to form a walking child. In the first boots scraps its height should not exceed 6-7 mm. And when a child grows up, starts a good walk, run, then the heel increases. The sole should not be slippery to avoid falls. So choose a corrugated. And also that the baby has not had any problems with the foot, the sole children's shoes should bend easily, repeating the same movement legs. 

First Steps 

From birth and up to a year 
Children's shoes should be different maximum ease, softness, comfort, minimal seams, easily secured to the leg and foot as a child in this period is very flexible and agile, with a narrow heel. That is why the shoes of this age are usually fixed to the tibia. 

From one to three 
Baby, toddler, standing on apart and slightly bent-legged gait uncertain. Children's shoes should be flexible and at the same time sufficiently stiff in the heel and podsvodnoy part. In the shoes or slippers for the "pioneers" heel reinforced hard back cover, and the toe - toe. And one important condition: it is better to choose shoes with laces. 

From three to seven 
During this period, the leg begins to grow rapidly, and children - a lot of walking and running. Of great importance is flexible shoes encirclement of the wide space of the foot. Necessary to ensure full freedom of movement for little fingers. Choose a model with a sturdy hard back cover, in the summer of children's footwear may be an open toe. Shoes should be secured on the foot with laces or straps. After seven years of a child's foot continues to grow rapidly: in boys before 9 years in girls and 8 years. In addition to length, increased foot in height rise. Baby shoes for boys and girls of this age are made in different shoes, because their feet are significantly different from each other in size and shape. 

Now you know all about the growing child's foot and children's footwear suitable for all ages. When buying children's shoes, you'll remember read information and take it into account, then you can be sure what you are doing the best for a healthy and natural development of your child's feet.

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