How to choose a bra

How to choose a bra

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Big, beautiful breasts has always been the subject of women's envy and admiration of men. How many girls fell under the knife of plastic surgeons, only to make their disadvantaged size bust of a truly magnificent! Poor dream-Telnice! They have no idea how many problems every day, every hour and every minute has to solve the owners of the breast volume. To learn how to "pack" a big bust, telling host of "Remove it immediately!" Sasha and Tasha Vertinskaya Strict.

Bra - this is important!
The more a woman's breasts, the easier it is to be underwear, because any thingies, bows and even embroidery adds volume.
In order to maintain the chest and does not injure the fragile female shoulders, the bra should have wide comfortable shoulder straps and chest seemed to smaller, better opt for lingerie with the most closed of the cup.
Well, if in addition to curved under her breast bone your bra will have more and lateral bone, sewn into the bodice. This design helps keep the breast from the side.
If the bust is very large, best to choose clothes like a corset, where the bones are sewed vertically.
Another remarkable thing for a big chest - so called polugratsiya when a wide corset comes almost to her waist. In this case, the chest is kept perfect.

Do not hide in a robe!
A woman with large breasts, as a rule, can afford to wear a neck. The exception is when the breasts are very far apart. There must be chosen not too deep necklines.
Often ladies with a magnificent bust prefer wide dresses and blouses. Do absolutely not worth it. Such clothing hides the shape and makes women look like a haystack. It is better to opt for semilying silhouette with darts clearly traced.
Blouses for the owners of a large chest - slightly elongated. Short shirt, stretched to surround the bust is sure to be lifted up and strip bare stomach, and it looks like is not always attractive.
The choice of a jacket or a jacket - also quite a serious problem for women with large breasts. To jacket always look good, but the fabric is not frowned, choose a model with a plunging neckline.
Sometimes women try to balance the figure, choosing blouses with big shoulders. Doing this is not: visually enhancing the shoulders, you will not conceal a large bust, but they instantly become like a heavyweight fighter.
Another taboo busty beauties - voluminous sleeves (flashlights, pouffe, flounces). Hose should be vtachnym a business suit.

What to decorate a bust?
As for jewelry, women with titsianovskimi forms should not be further attract attention to his chest with brooches - these accessories will add you only resemblance to Madame Gritsatsuyeva. But you will approach a necklace and long necklaces. If besides the beautiful breasts you get more and swan-neck, underline this advantage with long earrings and a pony.

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