Great fashion for women's bras

Great fashion for women's bras

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Bra is the last outpost of separating the outside world of sensuous breasts. Recently, it reached its peak growth. Do you know where it all began. When the day was a bra.

The ups and downs.
Wearing a beautiful silk bra and panties, you feel sexy. But when a bra does not make any impression. Moreover, women do not like it.
Fashion on bras and breast form is constantly changing. For example, during the French Revolution, women have used for the breast of the same makeup as well as for individuals. They tried all means to emphasize the whiteness of the breast, and even paint on her blue veins to create the illusion of a transparent skin.
But in Papua - New Guinea adult women still do not cover up their sagging breasts and proud to show it, since it is associated with their fertility. High chest from them is not pretty.
In Europe, however in 1920 it was possible to have a flat, boyish chest, and better, so it generally was not visible. But in the 30 - 40 th came the fashion for curvy chest. And then help arrived in time bra.

Day bra.
Before the bra women wore tight laced corset, which paralyzed traffic, but did waist aspen. But once the women come to work, they need that something more free. First it was designed monobyustgalter one cup, which was packed chest. Then designers have developed a bra for two cups. It was at this time of industry producing underwear turned toward eroticism.
During World War II, American soldiers have bought magazines, since they were placed on the girl with magnificent breasts. Those women that were prepared to shoot women and stuffing their bras multiple layers of felt, felt that the sight of these girls will raise the spirit of the soldiers. And in 1970 there were bras with stones.

How did he choose?
Been calculated that 80 women out of 100 are not the bra that suits them. The size of the cups can be A through F, and also have intermediate sizes. If we compare the chest of two girls who wear a bra size of 75B, we can notice that the breasts they have a different shape. Moreover, the breast changes its shape and size during the critical days. Breast size may increase if you are taking birth control pills, and then decrease if you stop taking them.
Young girls are advised to wear a bra as soon as possible, providing good support to the chest. And it's better not to go for long without it, because the breast can obvisnut.

How to enlarge breasts?
Perform this exercise three times a week for 10 minutes, and you can, breast augmentation is one size!
1. Join palms in front of chest, and slightly flatten them like you want something to flatten. Count to ten and relax the hands. Repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times.
2. Become upris and hands on the wall, but hold, back straight. And try to imagine if you have moves that wall. A minute later relax and shake hands, and then try 8-10 more times.
3. Take a dumbbell in your hands and imagine that you're cross-country skier. Back straight. Raise your hands with dumbbells slowly from the hips and podymi to the level of his chest, and count to three, just slowly lowered. Repeat the exercise 6 - 8 times.
4. Lie down on your back. Knees bent at a position, feet on the floor, arms with dumbbells apart. Slow to join hands in front of chest, and also slowly return to starting position. Repeat 8 to 10 times.
5. And you can try push-ups, to be done 8-10 times.

How to pick a bra?
1. Breast should be placed in the cups, so they squeezed it slightly.
2. Bra should not interfere with breathing.
3. On the skin as well should not, stay away nor any traces.
4. Pay attention to the treatment of joints: nowhere to rub or poke. Bone bra should not dig into the body.

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