Dictionary lingerie

Dictionary lingerie

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In the fashion industry has plenty of names for panties and busts. Each has appeared as a result of the influence of fashion, the emergence of technological innovations, or simply at the whim of the case. In total, only ten species bodices that are specifically designed for a different breast shape, size and volume. As well as bathing suits, corsets, body, gowns, etc. All that would emphasize the individual merits of each of the women! If you want a little understanding of this diversity, and simplify your life in finding the perfect clothes, the ... must begin with the letter A! In our case, with the letter B.

Body - (from the English. Body-body) is a combination of T-shirts and shorts with a zipper from the bottom on the buttons or hooks.

Bikini - (from the name of the island of Bikini in the Pacific), female bathing suit, consisting of a narrow bra and melts with a low waistline.

Bando - (from Fr. Bando) form of the bra in the form of strips of fabric, perhaps on the frame or not.

Bra - (on him. Buestenhalter - holder of the chest) part of women's toilets to keep the chest.

Bra «push-up» [push-up] - the bra, allowing lift, enlarge and move the chest toward the center due to special design and bulk items, which are invested in special pockets inside the cups embroidered or embedded (cups).

Bras "Blangy" - The central part of the bra (between the cups) is open, making this model suitable for clothes with a plunging neckline, while the elements of cups, tailored on the bias, collect the chest to the center.

Bra "balkonet" - (from Fr. Balconnet - shelf) bra design with the most open straight line or an oval neckline, supports the breast from below; straps are wide and often included detachable straps.

Bras "gang" - bra straps with detachable cups, hardened inside the thin foam that forms the chest and stable pits. The result is a striking effect: the great support and look - the breast looks as if stacked in a basket of apples.

Bra without frames preserves the natural shape of the breast, breast support due to its construction.

Nursing bra - a bra specially designed without frames with detachable upper piece cups for breastfeeding.

Bra on a skeleton - a bra with metal arched frames in the bottom of the cup for support and fixation of the breast. Different designs of bras require different types of skeletons.

Bra with a cup of duplicated - a design in which the cup is a two-, three-or four-layer material, sealed in a special way to add extra volume and chest support.

Bra with soft cup - a lightweight bra with the use of various materials without the use of the formative components (redundant fabric, solid cups).

Bra with molded cup - bra cups, which is used for the manufacture of solid detail, centered on the fabric stretched on a special technology so that repeats the shape of the chest and creates a natural look.

Bra with detachable straps - Bra straps with the possibility of replacement by another, or without it.

Bra-combination is a compound of the bra with skirt lengths.

Bra-top - the top item of clothing - T-shirt with built-in bra.

Bustier (from Fr. Bustier) - bra with extended pitched out of fabric.

Gracia-pants - corsetry, connecting the bra on the frame or not, standards and shorts or pants-string. Has a clasp on the hooks or the button at the bottom. Can be made out from the dense elastic and thin lacy fabric. Gracia-pants can be: a functional (and corrects figure pulled from functional materials and additional amplifiers in problem areas) and non-functional.

Corset - a product with a detachable shoulder straps or without, with the standard of dense tissue to mid-thigh, is intended to correct the shape and support the breasts.

Knickers - Corsetry with a high waistline. Can have seals in the area of problem areas. Trousers for everyday wear can be made of cotton knitted fabric.

Polugratsiya - corsetry on the frame or not up to the waist, forming the shape using the elastic plates.

Belt - the form of women's underwear as a belt clasp, to which are attached garters to support stockings.

Cowards "maxi" - cowards who have a very high waistline and broad lateral parts.

Cowards "midi" - underpants with a classic design: a sufficiently high waistline and small width lateral parts.

Cowards "mini" - underpants with a very low waistline and narrow width of the side parts. Can be constructed in G-string panties.

Corset panties - panties with a strong corrective effect, which is achieved by means of seals in the area of problem areas.

Panties-briefs - more open than the shorts, the model, an intermediate structure between the cowards-slip and shorts.

Panties Slip - traditional shorts, covering the buttocks, with a cut-to mid-thigh. May be at different heights waistline.

Panties-string - Panties, rear part of which is made in the form of a narrow strip of cloth. May be at different heights waistline. Types: V-string - the back is in the form of a triangle, connected to the front piece taped, T-string - only the front part is made of fabric, the back formed a band.

Tanga shorts - shorts with a side piece in the form of thin ribbons, high hip line.

Pants-shorts - shorts, in which the front and side parts are the same height. The shape of a small shorts.

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