Glossary from A to Z of air guns

Glossary from A to Z of air guns

All about air guns. Dictionary of air guns: all symbols of air guns from A to Z. Airguns: rifles, pistols, revolvers, rifles, cartridges, bullets and ammunition.

177 caliber, the corresponding 4,5 mm.
.20 Caliber, the corresponding 5,0 mm.
.22 Caliber, the corresponding 5,5 mm.
.25 Caliber, the corresponding 6,35 mm.
.35 Caliber, 9mm appropriate.
512 Rifle MP-512, respectively, "60" - IL-60, "654" - LL-654, etc.

AA-*** models of famous guns Air Arms Prospect Island in England.
AAFTA American Airgun Field Target Association, the Association of Field pneumatic target shooting (USA).
ACI Angle Cosine Indicator, ie device that determines the cosine of the angle. Usually set in his sights. Need for accurate shooting at an angle to the horizontal. Works on the principle of building a plumb.
Air-cartrige nakachnoy cartridge, a reservoir for air.
Air Cartridge airguns see Pnevmopatronnaya pneumatics.
A10h model pistols Anics A-101/A-101M Prospect Island in Russia.
A11h model pistols Anics A-111/A-112 Prospect Island in Russia.
A-3000 model pistol Anics Skif A-3000 Prospect Island in Russia.

Vaikal see Baikal.
Vipod see "fry."
BB spherical steel bullets (caliber 4.35-4.42 mm) for shooting mostly from smoothbore airgun.
VS See "Ballistic coefficient.

Click one stop turning flywheels introduction of amendments to the optical sight.
CF-20 rifle Gamo CF-20 Prospect Island in Spain.
CF-30 rifle Gamo CF-30 Prospect Island in Spain.
CO2 pneumatic system in which energy for the shot provides carbon dioxide (in an 8 - or 12-gram cartridges, at least in 198-gram bottles, etc.). Used mainly for pistols / revolvers. Poor repeatability of the shot (vertical). Noticeable dependence on the ambient temperature. Low speeds.
CP 7.9/10.5 bullet Crosman Premier 7.9/10.5 grana Prospect Island USA.
CTC, ctc distance between the most distant from each other by two bullets hit the centers

D-350 vintovka RWS Diana 350 Prospect Island in Germany.
D-48/52 vintovka RWS Diana 48 or 52 Prospect Island in Germany.
D-54 vintovka RWS Diana 54 Airking Prospect Island in Germany.
Domed pellets with a hemispherical head part. Improved ballistics.

Field target type of target shooting in the form of metal silhouettes of small animals and birds.
Gas Ram Airguns see Gazopruzhinnaya pneumatics.
GH220/440/880/890/1250 names rifle Gamo Hunter 220, 440, 880, 890 and 1250, respectively, Prospect Island in Spain.
Gr, see "Grand."
Grain, see "Grand."

Hollow Point bullet with a hollow in the head part. Have high stun by increasing the cross sectional area of the wound channel deformation bullets.

IPSC International Practical Shooting Confederation, International Practical Shooting Confederation.

Marker, see "cookie".
MOA Minute ° F Angle - angular moment - the angular size (1 degree = 60 arc minutes), corresponding to about 2.7 cm at a distance of 100 meters.
MP "Mechanical Plant", an English version of the name Izhmeha. Under this brand are manufactured rifles MR-512 "and" MP-532, Guns' MP-651 "and" MP-654, "machine pistol" MP-661. Pronounced as "MP".

NRA National Rifle Association, National Rifle Association (USA).

Pelletholder thin flat or circular pad on his hand or on different parts of the arms with holes to hold the bullets.
Plinker small-caliber firearms, or pneumatic; shooter from such weapons.
Pointed bullet with a pointed front section. Penetratsionnye good quality.
PCP Pre-Charge Pneumatics - A system with pre-charge gas in the tank (the pressure to 250-300 atm.) By means of electrical and mechanical high-pressure pumps or equipment for filling scuba divers. High power and repeatability of the shot. High speed.

R50 Designation diameter circle, which fit 50% of the best hits from a series of shots. One of the methods used to calculate accuracy.
Round Nose, see "Domed".

SD See "Slope Doper".
Slope Doper handheld device that determines the cosine of the angle. Need for accurate shooting at an angle to the horizontal. Works on the principle of building a plumb.
Speed loader device that accelerates the process of loading. Typically, charges several clips.
Spring airguns see "spring-piston pneumatic.

Tripod, see "Machine".

Wadcutter bullet with a flat head part (usually sports). Provide clear smooth holes in paper targets, also commonly have increased compared to the expansiveness of bullets "Domed" and "Pointed".

Yard, see "Yard".

Aberration distortion of the image (in the OP, for example).
Airganner (from the English. "Airgunner") - a man who loves and respects air weapons and using it in reasonable order.
Accommodation process of changing the focus of (translated from a close eye on a distant object, or vice versa).
Albinism (from Latin 'Albus' - white) - the absence of normal coloration (pigmentation) fur animals, and plumage of birds. White animals - mice, rabbits, crows, and others - are called albinos.
Swivel mount (rings, hinges or brackets) for the shoulder strap (belt).
Upgrade modernization, development, improvement of consumer properties of airguns.
The area of the geographical distribution of this species of animal.

Baikal group of trading firms and trade mark Izhmeha.
Ballistics, the science that studies throwing a projectile (bullet) of the barreled weapon. Ballistics are divided into inner, which studies the phenomena occurring in the barrel when a shot, and outside, which explains the behavior of the bullet after leaving the barrel.
Ballistic coefficient bullets ability to overcome air resistance, reflects the ratio of inertial forces the bullet and drag forces acting on the bullet. May vary depending on the speed.
Spray source of energy for firing the CO2 weapons. The mass of gas in the Russian cartridges - 7-8 grams, import - 12 grams. Originally used in household cooking siphon soda water.
Bipod see "fry."
Fight (guns) specifications of sequential processes that occur during a shot in the internal and external ballistics, ie, quality of the shot, the degree to arms hit the object.
BT stands for "Bushnell Tropy", a series of optical sights.
Bullpup shortened rifle, in which the trigger is located behind the handle, usually inside the stock.

Elevation giving the desired direction of the axis of the barrel in a vertical plane.
The top of the trajectory is the highest point of the trajectory over the horizon weapons.
Explosion diagram of the scheme is fully disassembled weapons numerovkoy all its parts.
Viewer, see "aiming mark."
Long-barreled rifle manual air guns with threaded into the barrel. On accurate models of expediency of the OP.
Visscher ramrod tip, designed to strengthen it, rag.
Burnishing metal plating oxidizing composition for decoration or for protection against corrosion.
Ascending branch (path) of the trajectory, limited point of departure and the top of the trajectory. Longer and flatter than the descending branch.
Brood of young individuals (offspring), a bird or animal, living with parents or parent to time, until they become capable of independent life.
Tap, see "Pre-emption."
The height of the trajectory distance from the horizon of weapons to the top of the trajectory.

Gas-cylinders pneumatic see "CO2 pneumatics.
Gazopruzhinnaya pneumatics refers to the RFP, the role of a spiral spring performs contracting with cocking gas.
Trigger, see "Trigger".
Shotguns gun with a smooth channel of the barrel, designed for firing BB pellets, darts and other special munitions.
The silencer device for reducing noise output of gas (air) from the trunk. Is a cylindrical chamber that is divided into parts or tapered walls with a central hole for the passage of bullets and coaxial with the barrel. There muzzle and integrated.
Horizontal distance of the distance of the horizon from the point of departure to the point of impact.
Traverse giving the desired direction of the axis of the barrel in a horizontal plane.
Horizon arms horizontal plane passing through the point of departure.
Grand Prix (from Lat. Granum - grain), a unit of mass, 1 grain (gr / gr) = 0,0647989 city
GC bullets Gamo Hunter Prospect Island in Spain.
GH220/440/880/890/1250 see "GH220/440/880/890/1250".

D-350, see "D-350.
D-48/52 see "D-48/52".
see "D-54."
Rangefinder device accurately determine the distance to the object specified. The most frequent LIDAR (accuracy + /-1m). Indispensable attribute of a professional sniper.
Deviation of 1) the phenomenon of deviation bullets, and 2) the average deviation of hits.
Derivation phenomenon, in which the bullet encounters more air resistance is one of the parties and in flight are more and more deviates from the plane of fire in the direction of its rotation. Action derivation unevenly amplified by the end of the trajectory.
The actual range of distance from the point of departure to the point of meeting.
Diabolo 1) In Western countries - the most prevalent type of bullet, and 2) in the CIS - a brand of cheap and substandard retaining bullets.
Diesel effect of vapor lubrication effect of the detonation in the cylinder of the RFP at a shot with the formation of additional gas. Destabilizes the options a shot and spoils the mechanism of weapons.
Diopter sighting device in conjunction with the flies, the wire ring or a circular hole in the plate.
Hit find elevated, and sometimes wounded bird or beast.
Dispenser device, releasing the shot precisely metered dose of gas, which pushes the bullet.
The dominant arm hand finger that presses the UK.
Dosylatel see Dosylatel gate "
Dosylatel shutter moving along the breech of the barrel axis, shall be sent a bullet into pulny entrance and sealed it.
Drozd first native-automatic pistol MR-661 "Blackbird."
Muzzle energy of the bullet energy in escaping from the muzzle.
Muzzle the front end of the barrel.

Reserve specially protected areas, where time, usually up to ten years, completely or partially banned hunting and limited other economic activities.
Reserve a research institution in whose territory, in contrast to reserve protection regime established for an indefinite period and more severely restricted economic activity.
Ambush 1) reception hunting rifle, which consists in podstereganii bird or animal in ukrytii2) harboring the shooter.
Zataivanie cessation of breathing during the shot was fired.
Butt-absorbing rubber pad on the butt stock. Especially useful for high-power rifles. In the sporting lodges is possible to adjust in sootvetststvii with anatomical features specific arrow.
Zatselivanie delay in aiming.
Zoom OP see "sights of zoom.

IL-22 rifle, model Izhmeha. Spring-piston scheme. Is a further improvement in model PSRM. Model created based on "IL-22 -" IL-38.
IL-32 model sports a compression rifle Izhmeha. Designer - G. Ya Protopopov. Produced since 1978 Further modernization: IZH-32BK, IZH-32M.
IL-33 model sport pistol Izhmeha compression. Designer - G. Ya Protopopov. Produced since 1978, Further improvement: IZH-33M.
IL-46 model sport pistol Izhmeha compression. Designer - V. Cherepanov, and G. Ya Protopopov. Available since 1988 Further improvement: the IL-46M.
IL-60 polusportivnaya rifle, model Izhmeha. Spring-piston scheme.
IL-60M semizaryadny modernized version of the IL-60.
IL-61 pyatizaryadny modernized version of the IL-60.
IL-62 modernized version of the IL-60, which had a muzzle velocity of 200 m / sec.
IL-67 early modification of the Gas-cylinder pistol "MP-651. Shooting lead bullets only (8 pcs.). Further modernization of the model: IL-671.
Izhmeh Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, the main domestic producer of airguns under the brands "IL" and "LL". Release of airguns in the second half of 1944. The abbreviation "IMZ" is not commonly used because there is another "IMZ" - Irbitsky.
Lock position taken by the shooter for the product shot.

Breech (breech of the trunk) - posterior part of the trunk, where the charged bullet.
Calibre diameter (width) of the barrel between the two opposing fields in linear terms.
Cumorah hole for storing bullets in a clip or drums.
Carbine Lightweight Short-air rifle.
Rolled lead bullets, bullets belonging to this type of issue longitudinal risks from the outside. Running in the bullet is between two profiled rollers, rotating in one direction at different speeds between the rolls and the bar or in general between the two bars, billets can be found on the mandrel or without it.
Kikimora name sniper / hunting camouflage cloak.
Clip narrow cylinder with a removable Comoros for bullets. Serves as a power supply device Chucking pneumatic systems.
The holster is soft or hard cover for a revolver, a pistol.
Collimator sight system on the basis of long lens with a single magnification. On the optical axis of sight creates an image illuminated reticle - usually luminous point. Low mass, wide field of view. Aiming only at short distances (for a single magnification).
Ring bracket for mounting an optical sight in the dovetail.
Compound Scheme SPT with parallel arrangement of the barrel and the compressor.
Pneumatic compression system in which air is compressed in one motion arm pump, stored in a special reservoir before the shot was fired. Features high accuracy and repeatability of the shot. The scheme is often used in sporting guns increased accuracy. Low speeds.
Cornet name pistols "IL-67 and MR-651.
KP 7.9/10.5 see "CP 7.9/10.5".
Strong said the wound of a bird or a rat, which is not affected on the spot, even when the projectile breaks the tendons, blood vessels and muscle bundles.
Kroukiller hunter raven (from the English. - Crowkiller - killer raven).
Trigger "the hammer" when you press the trigger for the striker rod. Part of the firing mechanism in a pneumatic gas cylinder and pnevmopatronnom weapons.
Grouping is the diameter of the circle of dispersion of bullets at the target or the distance between the most distant from each other by two bullets hit points (at a given distance from the target).

Storage Shed platform in the woods or in a clearing in the trees from which the hunter hits the bird (a crow, for example).
Dovetail guide for installing rings, candy bar (and with them, and optical sight) to the weapon.
Leyner deposit Barrel, barrel pressed into housing (from the English. "Liner").
Leynirovanny barrel barrel, consisting of a jacket with loose or pressed into liner.
Soop name sniper / hunting camouflage cloak.
Line throwing a straight line, which is a continuation of the axis of the barrel if you depart from his bullets.
The line shot straight line represents the continuation of the axis of the barrel before the shot.
Boresight line connecting the eye shooter, mid-slot rear sight, front sight and top of the aiming point.
Lodge organ retention of long-barreled weapons (rifles, for example), on which are mounted all the other mechanisms. Divided by the forearm and butt. Plays an important role in prikladistosti rifles and affects the accuracy of the shot. The Lodge is a hunting (butt attached to tsevyu neck, for which the deduction is carried), or sport type (with a pronounced arm, the butt of complex shapes, etc.).
Laser pointer laser pointer, the instrument pointing weapons at the target.

Store device for placing explosives or bullets.
Magnum category airguns with muzzle energy of more than 15 J.
Decoy flute, which whistled, imitating the voice of the female or male crows or other birds to entice them into the shot.
Cuff sealing gasket (in pneumatics often - gasket on the working surface of the piston IFR).
Mark, see "aiming mark."
Marker paintball gun.
The uterus is a female, who brought their young.
Handwheel adjustment screws on the OP for the correction of the direction of sighting.
Knob, see "Flywheel."
Migration daily, seasonal and other movements of animals associated with the ethological (behavioral) features the species or due to weather or foraging factors.
Micrometer setting sporty setting open sight, where when you turn the micrometer screw one notch STF moves a known amount (at a certain distance shooting).
Target object or image, to serve for educational, training or sport shooting. Is stationary and mobile.
MMG Model of weapons mass-dimensional.
Young animals birds or animals that have not yet reached its full physical development - young, young.
Milk is part of the target outside the spectacle zone.
Monoblock single bracket for the optical sight to the dovetail.
Multikompressionnaya pneumatic system in which air compressed by several (from 2 or more) movements of the arm pump, stored in a special tank to the product shot. Average speed.
Murka so often referred to as MR-512 owners their rifles.

Nabrody footprints of birds.
Mounted trajectory trajectory elevation angle is greater than the limit angle range.
Muzzle load in the form of thickening at the end of the barrel for better balance of the rifle. Usually made in the form of body rotation. Serves to reduce the vibrations of the barrel by increasing the inertia of the system. Can also serve as a silencer.
The spot struck by a shot and lying on the ground object of hunting. To kill outright, it is necessary to get the shot in place of slaughter.
Rifle gun with a rifled bore, designed to fire bullets.
The spiral rifling grooves in the threaded part of the trunk. Serve to receiving from them the rotational motion (angular velocity), and the bullet got gyroscopic stability during flight.
Flat trajectory curve flight projectile, a little above the horizon weapons trajectory, whose elevation angle is less than the limit range.
Nickel-bright (white) coating the metal parts of weapons.
Descending branch (path) of the trajectory, limited apex of the trajectory and point of incidence. Shorter and steeper than the ascending branch.
Zero distance at which to shoot guns (one / two points).
Nouser man in civilian clothes, passer-by, walking.

Objective lens or mirror-lens system in an optical instrument, which gives an inverted image of the object. Located on the opposite side from the observer's eye.
Oxidation see "blueing".
Eyepiece of the optical device, facing the eye of the beholder.
OP, see "Optical Sight."
Optics, see "Optical Sight."
Reticle aiming devices on the target, the optical scheme - with an ordinary telescope graticule and handwheel to enter corrections. Precise aiming at longer distances.
Osvintsevanie leaving the projectile in the barrel of lead particles, which deteriorates the accuracy.
Marker predicting the shooter shot at the target location of the holes when a shot.
The separation of significant deviations of individual holes from the main grouping.
Hunting the process of searching, tracking birds or other small wild animals to kill. Often hunting with air guns - a sporting event.
Hunting of the pen hunting bird.
Hunting skradom way of hunting, in which arrows steals the object of hunting for a sure shot.
Hunter man, passionately fond of hunting, carefully referring to the natural riches of the country hunting and dealing with hunting as a sport or fishing.

OP sight of zoom with variable multiplicity (increase).
Parallax is an optical phenomenon (in OT), the deviation of the aiming point in response to changes of the eye relative to the eyepiece.
PBS silencers device, see the muffler.
MF Experimental model sports a spring-piston rifles Izhmeha. Developed in the early 1970's. The design scheme is used, discarding the barrel with a compressor on the couch. In mass production did not go.
Ordinance D-40 pistol, produced by "Lighthouse", the first Ukrainian Gas-cylinder air pistol.
Penetration of a breakthrough by a bullet of any material, penetration, degree / depth of penetration.
Peremennik see "sights of zoom.
Bypass holes, see "bypass".
A bypass channel between the barrel and the compression chamber.
Pistol repeating or single-shot short-hand air guns to fire at short distances. In most cases, apply a CO2 scheme and drum feed system (revolving type).
Submachine gun repeating short-automatic hand gun with a pistol magazine. Shoots only with steel BB. There is usually a removable compact butt. On the basis of CO2 scheme using battery power or batteries. Russia has produced only one model of machine pistol "MP-661" Blackbird. "
Plinking entertainment of air gun shooting (from English. Plink - the sound emitted when hit in the most common target - the tin cans).
Plane firing a vertical plane passing through the point of departure through the cast.
The area of dispersal area within a shape bounded by straight lines passing through the outermost holes in the target.
Night vision device or a Night Vision Sight.
Airguns weapons intended to hit a target at a distance of a projectile receiving directed motion due to the energy of compressed gas.
Pnevmopatronnaya pneumatic system where the tank is pumped into the cartridge (cartridges). Pumping is performed in advance, using a hand pump and separate from the weapons.
Software, see "Optical sight."
Epaulet strap clipped to swivel, to bear arms over his shoulder for a more solid hold when shooting weapons.
Raise the scare (bird or beast).
Podranok been shot but not killed animals.
Podchuchelnik pole, on which sit down effigy.
Podshumet see "Raise."
Field of view of the space observed in sight.
Polygonal rifling rifling with smoothed corners.
Poluvzvod safety status of USM.
Poluortopedicheskaya pistol grip handle, the contact area with a wrist hands raised.
Field (grooves) are arranged between the rifling grooves.
Piston moving part, elongated or disc-shaped, densely moving inside the cylinder and forcing gas. Used in the RFP, compression and multikompressionnoy pneumatics.
Planting installation profiles, or stuffed owl / crow / other birds.
PPP, see "spring-piston pneumatic.
Fuse device preventing accidental discharge.
Privada feed, which is placed on a certain place in order to bait - to make a bird or animal regularly come to this place.
Butt constituent lodge a separate item that serves to lock arms in the shoulder shooter.
Prisada suitable for planting stuffed or profiles tree, or a special device (for example, a pole with a crossbar at the top for a stuffed Raptors, etc.).
Ranging process of bringing weapons to the normal battle.
The sight is a device for precision-guided weapons to target. Scopes are: open, ring, optical, Collimator, etc.
Sighting range of distance from the point of departure to the point of impact. "Sight Line" - a straight line connecting the mid-slot rear sight with the top fly.
Graticule reticle in the OP (for targeting).
Profile cut from plywood or sheet metal side image crows (or other birds) so that only one half is visible. Profiles are used for hunting crows podmanivaniem when flying.
Spring-piston pneumatic compression of air is carried out when a shot through the pre-cocked piston. Simple, reliable and inexpensive system. The most common in the CIS countries. Different speeds (from 100 to 380 m / s). Divided by the spiral spring and gazopruzhinnye.
Direct fired a shot in which the trajectory does not rise above the line of sight above the target throughout the sighting range.
Rectangular rifling rifling with right angles.
JWP Air Sport Rifle, Model Izhmeha, produced from 1944 to 1948 spring-piston scheme. SEP - Far ancestor "IZH-38" and "MP-512.
PSRM Air Sport Rifle Upgraded Model Izhmeha, produced from 1955 spring-piston scheme. Is a further development, "SEP." Upgraded locking mechanism and set the trigger lock. Further modernization: "PSRM-2-55 and IL-22.
Poodle miss.
Pudelyat miss.
Puleulavitel see "Bullet catcher.
Bullet catcher device that reliably stops the bullet, peeping target or flown past her.
Pulny input truncated cone with rifling grooves in the beginning of the barrel field that slope up from zero to full height.
A bullet shot from a small lead is often complicated form for shooting a gun with a rifled barrel.
PCP, see "PCP".

The wound channel is a channel in the body tissues, created penetrated projectile (bullet, spherical explosive bullet, etc.).
Repeating short-barreled revolver sidearm with a magazine in a rotating drum. In most cases, apply a CO2 scheme.
Reducer device in air weapons systems PCP, is responsible for regulating the air pressure before leaving it in the trunk.
Ricochet bouncing explosives or bullets when hitting the surface of the object at a certain angle. In a figurative sense to get into someone aiming at another.
Rifle Hunting with airguns.

Saundmoderator see muffler.
Lead plating see Osvintsevanie.
Hooded Crow.
Black man in uniform, or just cop.
SK, see "Trigger".
Rate of capacity to produce weapons of a certain number of shots per unit time (more often - in a minute).
Skrad see Skradyvanie.
Skradyvanie way of hunting, which consists in an unobtrusive approach, sneak to the animal at a distance shot.
CM, see "Trigger".
Sniper trained shooter whose purpose - hitting the target with the first shot. He is fluent in the art of disguise and surveillance.
Demolition of changing the bullet under the influence of external factors (wind, Coriolis effect).
Bipod dvunozhnaya stand under the fore end or barrel of the shotgun when firing from the stop.
SPP Sports Air Pistol, Model Izhmeha, produced from 1944 to 1947 spring-piston scheme. Is a copy of the German gun "Em-Ge Zenit" (1937-1939gg.).
SPC system reticle illumination in an optical sight.
Descent, see "Trigger".
Trigger guard, metal or plastic curved plate that protects against bumps and jolts that entail unintentional shots trigger.
Trigger hook on which the hunter presses a forefinger to pull the trigger cocked for firing.
The trigger mechanism that serves to hold the firing mechanism or a piston in the cocked and his descent from combat platoon.
Machine Tripod device for stable fixation of the trunk in the direction of fire.
Stark Stark - see "Uterus."
The trunk of the bulk of weapons in the form of a tube through which to give the direction of flight of the bullet. In addition, the camera serves as the expansion of compressed gas and said the pool up to speed, but in the rifle provides rotational movement of the bullet, stabilizing it in flight.
OP stopper device preventing movement of sight along the rail under recoil. Fits behind the fixing of sight.
STF center of impact or the center of dispersion of bullets.
Shooting range area, equipped for training or sport shooting.

Taxidermy making scarecrows.
Tyre, a specially equipped room or place for target shooting.
Meeting point of the intersection point of the trajectory to the target (obstacle), or the ground.
Point of departure the beginning of the bullet.
Point drop point of intersection of the trajectory with the horizon of a weapon or a point of intersection of the descending branch of the trajectory with the line of sight.
Aimpoint point at which the weapon is induced.
Trajectory curve flight projectile.
Tripod, see "Machine".
Trigger, see "Trigger".
Tripod, see "Machine".
TTC Performance characteristics of a model airgun.

Kill seat body object hunting, when released into the wound which is formed, incompatible with life.
Angle of throwing angle, and cast a line drawn horizon weapons.
Elevation angle shot and a line drawn horizon weapon or angle of elevation target angle of sight.
Elevation target angle between the line of sight and the horizon line.
Angle of incidence angle between the tangent to the trajectory at the point of incidence and the line of sight.
Elevation angle between the line of sight and the line shot.
The angle of declination is negative elevation angle.
Pre-emption is not pointing weapons at the very purpose, and a few down the path of this goal, ahead of a moving target, calculated on getting into it. The value of pre-emption depends on the distance to the target speed and direction, goals, and the flight time the projectile to the target and wind.
Trigger Trigger.

Frequent disturbance factor vspugivanie animals, leading to violation of their normal life, such as the abandonment of a bird laying, hypothermia and death of chicks.
Chamfer (muzzle) conical indentation in the barrel from the muzzle. Serves to provide a simultaneous vanishing bullet with rifling, raising it to stabilize it in flight.
Fragments affected unit (killed a crow, magpie, etc.).

Grip position pistol in the hand.
Honing (cylinder) type of surface treatment of the inner walls of the compression cylinder of the RFP in order to prevent parasitic leakage of air and less resistance to movement of the piston.
Chronograph device for determining the speed of a bullet.

Fore end of the lodge, located in front of the neck butt. Into the rifle forend mostly whole lodge with one piece of wood (or other material).
Pillar sighting device in conjunction with the front sight, a plate of irregular shape with a slot.
DF-20, see "CF-20".
DF-30, see "CF-30."

Black crows, jackdaws, etc.
Soft or hard cover special bag for transport / carrying a rifle and / or OP.
Scarecrow hunt with a stuffed in birds (eg crows).
Scarecrow 1) the external semblance of an animal or bird, made of plastic or wood for podmanivaniya object of hunting (eg, stuffed birds of prey are used to podmanivaniya crows at a distance shots) .2) an exact reproduction of animals used for display or as part of the interior.

Ramrod straight long rod for cleaning the bore, at least - to knock out the jammed bullet. There are solid and compound (accordion).
Stamped lead bullets in appearance smooth. The highest quality, as their shape is determined by the configuration of the die, the quality of its manufacturing and dosage of the material (homogeneity of blanks by weight). Persistence of the stamp is quite high and, therefore, achieved good repeatability of bullets.
Tripod, see "Machine".
Stem (exhaust valve) valve with an axis along which hits the trigger, resulting in short-pass opens the window and produced a strictly limited portion of gas (CO2 Systems).

Cheek protrusion on the side of the butt. Allows the arrow to produce more uniform anchoring arms. In the sporting lodges is made a separate piece, allowing for an adjustment in its sootvetststvii the anatomical characteristics of the particular arrow.
Clicking see "Click".

Expansiveness (from the English. To expand - to expand, increasing in volume) - an increase in the area of the wound channel by increasing the sectional area poperechnogoo bullets as a result of its deformation. Usually inversely proportional to the penetration.

Cadet rifle production Izhmash (not to be confused with Izhmehom), made according to the "AK-74" MP-651. All the supporting structure (except the pistol grip of the "MP-651" and the magazine) was borrowed from the Kalashnikov. Details are used by those of whom are going to present (gunshot) AK. As in, "MP-651, used for shooting CO2-cartridges of explosives and steel balls (trunk smooth). All data refer to "Yunker-3". Early modification - "Yunker-1 was discontinued rather quickly because of imperfect design.

Apple is the center circle of the target.
Yard measure of length, 1yard = 91 cm

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Склад: есть на складе

Age of 3 years. Water machine with 3 cans of water. Included: water machine, 3 cans of water. Colors

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Каталог товаров: Extreme Machines
Страна : Не указано
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Water Gun is ideal for playing in the water war. Pour water into the gun, and he will be ready to fi

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Каталог товаров: Childrens toys
Страна : Не указано
Склад: есть на складе

Blade Pirates. Pr - in: China.

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Каталог товаров: Pirate Kits
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

A revolver with ammunition. Pr - in: China.

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Каталог товаров: Plastic guns
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Pistol: Space Patrol for 3 years and over, sound effects, lighting effects. Pr - in: China.

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Каталог товаров: Plastic guns
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

A set of nerf: blaster from about 35 arrows. From 6 years. Pr - in: China.

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Каталог товаров: Pirate Kits
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Bluster. From 6 years. Pr - in: China.

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Каталог товаров: Children machines
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Automatic water-61cm. From 6 years. Pr - in: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Extreme Machines
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Automatic water. From 6 years. Pr - in: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Extreme Machines
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Hulk. Water blaster. DATED 6 years. Pr - in: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Extreme Machines
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Pellets for the children's arms. Beads for pneumatic Child weapons. Bank of 1500 pieces. Manufac

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Каталог товаров: Baby bows swords sets soldiers
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Weapons child. Raygun fur. 6-barrel with suction cups, box. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Baby bows swords sets soldiers
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Toys. Toy Weapons. Playsets. Swords 2 pc., Armlets and a shield. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Baby bows swords sets soldiers
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Toys. Weapon. Set a sword in a sheath knight, shield, bow and arrows. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Chivalry sets
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Junior weapons. A weapon without tools (swords, sabers, etc.) warrior sword in its sheath, sound, le

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Каталог товаров: Chivalry sets
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Junior weapons. Set Ninja crossbow with arrows, sword, dagger, asterisk, sheet. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Chivalry sets
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Junior weapons. Set - a sword, dagger, knife and shield. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Chivalry sets
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China
Склад: есть на складе

Junior weapons. Set Ninja bow and arrows, a dagger, asterisk package. Manufacture: China.

Цена опт: Спрашивайте у продавца
Каталог товаров: Chivalry sets
Магазин: игрушки для детей(Ella)
Страна : China